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Wagner Family 

The Wagner Family

Chad and Rena Wagner, along with their five children, began working full-time with Chimala Mission in 2012. Chad had previous experience working with several other mission works around the world before moving to Chimala. Rena is an RN with many years of experience working in the medical field. Their five children, Anna, Laura, Micah, Chandra, and Jonah, range from the ages of twenty (Anna) to eight (Jonah). The two oldest girls are back in the states attending college. Anna plans to return to the mission this next year after she graduates to continue doing mission work.

Chad serves as the onsite Mission Administrator. He also has a Master of Divinity from Harding University and teaches some of the courses at Chimala Bible Institute. Being the mission administrator is a busy job with the mission having approximately 220 full-time employees and approximately 1,000 students. Chad also works with several of the local churches helping to teach and preach.

Rena stays busy home schooling the children, but she does find time to help out at the hospital and work with Cheryl Bode at some of the mobile clinics. The children also love being involved in various ways around the mission. The Wagners have a website where you can learn more about their daily activities