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Herring Secondary School

The Herring Christian Secondary School opened in January of 2010. It is named after an elder at New York Avenue Church of Christ who was responsible for convincing the rest of the elders of the need for schools in Tanzania. He was the first elder from New York Avenue to visit the mission after they took oversight of the work in 1998. He returned convinced that a school was needed so that the Tanzanians could read and better understand the Bible. His idea included teaching an hour of Bible to the students every day. Teaching so many young students the word of God along with a superior education is proving to be a blessing for these people.

The Secondary School opened with Form One this year and has 119 students in its first class. We will add Form Two in 2011, Form Three in 2012, and Form Four in 2013. The school is considered a science and business school, which is a good fit for our hospital work. Our hope for the future is to have Christian nurses and doctors that come from our school. These students also receive Bible training daily.

The headmaster, Erhard Msanda, is a Christian man that has a love for education. He has been able to recruit skilled Christian teachers for the Secondary School. We are confident that this school will prove to be one of the best schools in Tanzania.

The Secondary School opened on January 11, 2010 with two classroom blocks, an administration wing, computer lab, library, boys’ dormitories, girls’ dormitories, a kitchen, and restrooms.

Construction is still in progress on the rest of the buildings for the school. We still need to build two more classroom blocks and the science lab building, and finish building the multi-purpose room, which will serve as the dining hall, meeting room, and the room for church services. We are still seeking funds for these projects so if you would like to contribute to our Secondary School, please contact the elders at New York Avenue.