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Hospital Staff

Since its beginning, Chimala Mission Hospital has provided the best quality medical care possible. Now starting its 50th year of operation, the hospital continues to strive to adjust to the constant changes of a rapidly progressing country. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world with a per capita income of approximately $200 per year. Considering the statistics, one can see the necessity for the hospital. Along with healing the body, we are helping to heal the soul. Our chaplains and evangelists work daily at the hospital teaching the lost.

This work began in 1963 with the original building completed in 1964. Andrew Connally was instrumental in seeing this need in the beginning and helping raise a lot of the funds to start this work in the early 1960s. The hospital started as a sixty-bed hospital and has grown through the years into a 120-bed hospital that sees approximately 20,000 patients and delivers almost 3,000 babies a year. It has major and minor theaters for surgeries, a female ward, an OB ward, a male ward, a children’s ward, an outpatient clinic, a tuberculosis clinic, an HIV clinic (with over 1,600 patients enrolled), a mobile clinic that travels weekly from village to village helping children in need, and a mothers’/children’s clinic open daily at the hospital.

The nearest other hospital is approximately fifty miles away. When one travels mostly by foot or bicycle, it is a long way to go to seek medical care. Considering the large number of malaria cases treated yearly, thousands of people would perish if not for Chimala Mission Hospital.

This work allows us to help heal the body while at the same time help many people come to know Christ through the evangelistic work of our hospital chaplains.

Our vision for the hospital in the very near future is to build a Nurses’ School. This will help the hospital in two ways: it will give the hospital additional staffing from the students and additional income from the school fees the students will pay to receive their education and training. We must raise $80,000 to get this school started. This money will be used to build dormitories and classrooms for the students and to purchase the teaching supplies for the start-up.