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Primary School

The year of 1998 saw the beginning of Chimala Mission Primary School when a great need for better education became apparent, especially the need to prepare better-educated Christians to help lead the church in the future.

The Primary School opened in January 1999. A grade was added each year and we now have a school of 540 students from kindergarten through standard seven. This school is one of the highest-ranked schools in Tanzania, with 100% of students passing the exit test over the last two years. In comparison, most government schools have only two to three students pass the same test each year.

In addition to the excellent academic education, each student receives an hour of Bible training each day. This has a tremendous impact on these students. In the first six weeks of school this year, over a dozen students have put Christ on in baptism.

In addition to these grades, we also have a Nursery School with sixty students enrolled that is operating at the Chimala Mission Primary School. These students are also receiving Bible knowledge classes daily.

Many of the teachers are involved in areas of teaching outside of the school, taking part in the weekend campaigns designed to take the good news of salvation to the people of Tanzania.