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Bill & Cindi Stinson, MissionariesBill and Cyndi Stinson have served at Chimala Mission since January 2007. They are now the Chimala Mission Stateside Administrators. They are lifelong residents of Arlington, Texas, where they raised their family. They have two children and six grandchildren all living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Bill and Cyndi will spend about 4 months this year in Chimala. Bill is now responsible for the Stateside Operation as well and overseeing the Chimala Mission side. The rest of the year they will be in the States, traveling and visiting supports, gathering supplies and raising funds for the work. If you know of anyone who would like to know more about Chimala please call the Chimala Office.

Bill and Cyndi have familiarized themselves with the work since New York Avenue Church of Christ took on the oversight of the Chimala Mission in 1998. Bill had visited the Mission several times, and his wife Cyndi had traveled there as well. Bill served as the “Chimala Elder” at New York Avenue from 2003-2005. Bill and Cyndi write a monthly newsletter informing their supporters of their work at the Mission. Bill and Cyndi are still in need of some additional support.

They are so excited about all of the great things going on in Tanzania. The people are still so ready to hear about God’s Word.